Male Indian singers have always played a great role in the popularization of the Republic of Bollywood. The fact that most Indian films are musicals makes their role very important. Not just that but now days with the availability of digital music, Indian singers of old and new have got fresh recognition from people. The growing entertainment industry has also contributed a lot to the popularity of music and more so singers. Despite all the improvements in audio technology the singers from yesteryear still manage to stand out more than the singers of today as far as making an impression with their voice goes. One of the reasons for this can also be the immense growth that the industry has seen over the last few decades. Technology has also a large part to play in the spread of music but we need to remember that singers of the past had only their voices to rely on as compared to today’s singers who have the added advantage of some astounding technology in audio engineering. We will attempt to look at some of the most well known male Indian singers although there have been too many to pick the absolute best 5 from, we will still look at some of the best male singers that the Indian music industry has produced.

5. Mukesh Chand Mathur:

Known only as Mukesh to his fans, he is one of the most successful male singers in the Indian industry. He is well known for his touching voice which gave him the title of the king of the sad songs in Indian films. He was always overshadowed by big names like Kishore and Rafi but still managed to come out on his own and carve out his successes.

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5 famous male Indian singers: Mukesh

4. Dr. Bhhupen Hazarika:

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was one of the most loved and one of the most talented singers to ever hit the Indian musical charts. He is known as the pioneer of the assamese film industry and has spread his influence outside of the nation too. His songs talked to the common man and their struggles which have made him immensely popular among people among all ages. Besides being a singer he was also a successful writer, poet, composer, journalist and film maker. He is a cultural icon for youth across the nation and is a name that lives even after his death.

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5 famous male Indian singers: Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

3. R.D. Burman:

Rahul Dev Burman is a well known music director and singer. His many innovative methods are used even today by playback singers across the industry. He was a composer par excellence and has shown that well through most of his work. He has revolutionized the Hindi film industry in ways more than one and deserves a mention.

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5 famous male Indian singers: R.D. Burman

2. Mohammed Rafi:

Mohammed Rafi is also one of the incomparable gems of the Indian film industry. His contribution to the popularity of Indian cinema is often regarded as highly significant. He won over 6 Filmfare awards and is also a recipient of the Padma Shree award which is one of the highest artistic honors in the nation. His long career of 35 years saw him work with the best of the best in the Indian film industry and even today his voice echoes in the hearts and minds of his fans and admirers.

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5 famous male Indian singers: Mohammed rafi

1. Kishore Kumar:

Kishore Kumar is a name that every Indian movie enthusiast knows all too well. He was a great actor as well and few actors have done as well as he has in the industry. Many of his hits like ‘ Roop Tera Mastana ‘ among others are still heard often today. He worked with the best of bollywood and also sang many songs in other languages. He is a favorite among many a movie buff for his amazing voice which managed to leave an impression on a person’s soul more than anyone else. He was among the leading singers of his time and is still considered by many as the best of all time.

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5 famous male Indian singers