Women can find a lot of different things that are sexy in a man. In some ways it can be said that different women find different things sexy in a man. There are however a lot of small and commonly known things that women find extremely attractive in men. A lot of people seem to have the idea that women look for traits other than physical traits to rate them as sexy but that is not true. Some women can find a lot of physical things sexy in men too and the vice versa is also true to a great extent. However not all women find only physical characteristics sexy. The fact that it is different for ever woman needs to be understood. With that in mind, we will look at some things that women commonly find sexy in men.

  • Kindness and compassion: Kindness and compassion among men is always a very sexy trait for women. It does not matter who you are kind to but generally men who are compassionate and kind are considered sexy by women. It’s not always that women find men who are kind to even animals on the road. Some men have that trait in them to be kind to everyone and if it’s not for show then most women will easily fall head over heels for this trait in men. It also seems like kindness among men is a diminishing quality as most of the time men pretend to be busy or aloof, so it’s all the more reason for women to find this trait alluring.
  • A good physique: Most women like a man who maintains a good physique. This does not mean that men need to have super chiseled bodies. It does however mean that men too need to maintain their bodies. A well maintained body on a man is almost always an irresistible trait in a man. Men do need to remember to not overdo their weight pumping too as most women do not find a muscle bound mayhem of a man sexy.
  • Confidence: Who doesn’t like a person who is sure of themselves in whatever they do? A confident man is always sexy for a woman. A man who can take charge when needed and can be heard when required can be a turn on for many a woman. A man who can also present themselves in any situation with confidence and comfort is also almost always lucky with women.
  • The Manly Scent: Let’s face it, men today wear all sorts of cologne and perfumes to help them smell great. Even though most women are a sucker for men who smell good, smelling too much like a garden or a flower will also hurt you. It is surprising to find that women crave the manly smell on occasion. However it still needs to be on a very subtle level as it can instantly also be a turn off for most women if a man has major body odor issues. A human smell from a man is always welcome but a thin line needs to be walked here between what’s sexy and what’s repulsive.
  • A great smile, groomed looks and honesty: Nothing beats a well groomed look with a clean shave and a sincere smile. Unlike men, women do not have unreal expectations from their men to have model like looks and traits. Women simply want that their man be well groomed and the man also must have a good smile. A good smile comes from the heart and women are suckers for things that come honestly from the heart. Honesty is hot for most women and a man who can admit to his shortcomings without crying over them is always super-sexy.

(img source: ritambanerjee.com)