Who doesn’t want to live life like it’s described in books? There is always someone who loves you more than his or her life and is willing to shake any ground that could pull two of you apart. But, what happens when it comes to real life; can you really enjoy the same bookish love? Yes, indeed you can, if you make all the right efforts and be honest with your relationship. All it takes is the willingness to stay focused and dedicated to each other. A relationship can forever be as sweet as it was during the first week you two met as long as you two are prepared to discover new joys on a day to basis!

Although love cannot be objectively defined or lived (many have tried, and failed!), but we have tried to suggest the best ways that could keep your love chemistry alive for all times.

  1. Praise each other often. It’s easier praising your partner in the initial years of your relationship, but as the time goes by, the need for praise rises, but who has the time. Praising is a simple gesture that makes other people — be it your spouse or anyone else — feel that they are still wanted and loved by you.
  2. Always find some time for conversation. If you’ve been in a relationship, you know there are always those first days when you talk endlessly to each other, sometimes conversing beyond the night. But, then life takes on, work, responsibilities and family management, leave with no time for long talks. This is the time when you need to make some efforts. Maybe, you can call each other, once or twice a day. Or watch less TV and talk instead, go shopping together, and do whatever it takes to spend time together to keep your love chemistry alive.
  3. Stand by each other during the test of time.  No one escapes it. When either of you is having a rough time, all you need is some support from your partner. And, being a soul mate, it’s your duty to show each other that no matter what, you’ll be together.
  4. Never let anger rule upon you. Anger is a state when we sometimes say things we never mean and sometimes we leave things out, we really mean. Loosing hold on our tongue can surely devastate your love chemistry, therefore, when in anger, try remaining quiet.
  5. Share some romantic moments. This is the easiest thing you can do to keep your love chemistry alive. You don’t always need big plans for dating or romancing. Small things and every day events too can be made more romantic. Try celebrating daily them. Like, maybe have a candlelight dinner when you get a weekend bonus, or go for long walks, go shopping together, meet for coffee after work, or just simply help each other with some daily chores like cooking.
  6. While in the beginning of a relation, almost all of us see the good side of each other, but as the years roll by, all we see is not the so good things. That’s actually the reason why even the best buddies begin to find faults in each other unless of course they are mindful of it! We need to create a balance, and look at the positive things more often.  Never limit your sight to what is irritating, always look beyond that.
  7. Never, even in your dreams, make comparisons. To your eyes others may seem better, happier and more successful, but making comparisons is the recipe to disaster. It is always better to keep yourself separate from others, than invite comparison. There are many good things about your relationship and you should always lay emphasis on them.