Among your most prized possessions are your eyes; the windows to the world outside. But often due to dark circles they tend to lose their natural sheen and beauty. The dark blemishes under your eyes time and again negate your appearance. Often called Raccoon Eyes, these dark patches or puffiness under your eyes sometimes affect the way people perceive you as well. You might be in your best attire with the most expensive make-up you could afford but still the dark circles play the spoil sport. They may be caused due to heredity, irregular eating and sleeping habits, strain and anxiety or plain old aging. Whatever be the cause they certainly do not accentuate the way you look. Bottom line is these ‘panda eyes’ are a result of the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle that we all intentionally or unintentionally adhere to in the present day and age.

With so many apparent ‘magical beauty products’ in the market and various clinical procedures available in the cosmetic industry what options does one have to deal with dark circles? It has been observed that several skin experts have always recommended household remedies to treat this condition. What could be better than simple and easy ways to get rid of these blemishes with ingredients available within the confines of your very home?

In the blood vessels under the eyes the accumulation of blood results in the appearance of dark circles. So the trick is to cool the area which shrinks the blood vessels hence reducing the dark circles. In many of the home-made remedies the idea and inspiration is the same; that is, to cool the region around the eyes.

Cucumbers have been used for a long time in traditional home remedies. Infact even every spa as well uses cucumber either as a mask or an ingredient in an astringent or as an exfoliative substance. They moisturize tone and even lighten dark areas of the skin. We have often seen cucumbers being used in salons to soothe the eyes during facials. The reason being they cool the eyes and reduce the stress in that part. This results in better flow of blood around the eyes and reduces puffiness and dark patches due to accumulation of blood in that tender area. So just few slices of cucumber placed on your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes is the simple solution for dark circles. This simple trick can work wonders on your eyes if done every day over a period of time. You could also dip cotton balls in cucumber juice and place them on your eyes for the same amount of time. This is a very common remedy and every skin specialist or even spa employee would advise you the same regarding dark circles.

Almond is another gift of nature that is widely used in beauty products.  Thus it is not surprising that almond also has properties that can help reduce dark circles. Message the area under your eyes with almond oil gently and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Yes that’s all the time it takes! After keeping it for the said time very softly rub off the oil from underneath your eyes with a damp cotton ball. If you don’t have time during the day for this exercise then just apply the oil before going to sleep at night and wipe it off tenderly in the morning. Applying it overnight will not only help reduce the existing dark circles but prevent the circles from forming further.

A paste of nutmeg and milk when applied on the dark circles also works magically. Ofcourse the use has to be regular and not one off. Various other pastes and mixtures are available which could be made from elements found at home readily. A paste of tomatoes and lemon juice in equal proportions with a pinch of turmeric powder; almond and milk mixture; and gram flour or a mixture of turmeric powder and pineapple juice could be used. You could make a paste of jasmine or corn flour with curd or rose petals and milk to apply over your eyes and dark circles.

Sometimes stimulating the pressure points of your eyes located on your feet helps too.

Slices of raw potatoes can also be used as a cure. Place the slices of potatoes on the eyes such that they cover the dark circles for around 20 minutes to reduce the panda eye effect.

A mixture of potato and cucumber juice could also be used to treat dark circles. Soak some cotton balls and place it on your eyes covering the dark circles for about 15 to 20 minutes. This works well if done daily.

Rose water is a very commonly used ingredient in several cosmetics. It is also effective as a treatment for dark circles. Just dip a cotton ball in rose water and place that on your eyes for some time. Mint juice too applied in the same manner has the same effect.

Several skin problems are a result of our body not being sufficiently hydrated. Hence, drinking adequate amount of water could be the simplest way to ensure a sparking skin minus the dark circles. Drinking atleast seven to eight glasses of water every day helps in flushing the toxins out of your system which may significantly reduce the problem.

Green Tea bags are another quick and easy solution from the vast ocean of home remedies. Green tea is abundant with antioxidants and tannins which is why it is also effective in dark circle removal. Take a used tea bag and refrigerate it for some time and place it over your eyes for about 20 minutes. This little tip if followed regularly can help you get rid of those puffy dark eyes.

Yoga or prayanam can also help in reducing the effect of dark circles.

If still your hectic schedule prevents you from using any of the above remedies; then get a proper sleep daily for atleast 8 hours. Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet which includes a healthy amount of green vegetables and fruits. Dip cotton balls in chilled water if not anything else and place that on your eyes as you go to sleep.