How do you decide whether your girl is cheating on you or not? Or doomsday has come for your relationship. Its never all of a sudden. You often hear these lines when something fishy is going on. She always tells you that ‘somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad’. And it generally happens when you commit a mistake. She takes it as an excuse for any blunder she has done in past or she is going to do in future.

She: You know what.

He: What?

She: There’s this guy… He has been constantly bringing me chocolates, doing little favors for me… Last week in office party also, he sang a song and everybody was teasing me…. (Blushing)(And why the hell you don’t do these things)

He: Ohh… Nice.. So he knows you are in a relationship?

She: No I haven’t told anyone yet in my office. But there’s nothing of that sorts. I mean he is younger to me.

(You didn’t ask for that much of details and explanations)

He: Hmm…

She: And that night he called me up and cried.

He: Why?

She: I don’t know. He was getting all emotional about his break up and bad things happening in his life.

He: hmm… anyways what else… whats new…

She: Nothing much… Got a headache… I guess i’ll be sleeping now..

He: Ohkk.. Yeah.. Goodnight then…

She: Goodnight