No matter how many times he passes around your cubicle or calls you inside his cabin, butterflies run in your stomach. When his eyes meet your heart beats, when he talks to you, your world gets brighter and when he appreciates your work, you blush and your happiness  has no boundaries. Pinch Pinch!

So, you have been crushing on your “boss”? Hmm, having a crush on your boss can be exciting and could lead to long term romance or even marriage but if not handled properly it can turn out to be a disaster. Worst, chances are you may even be fired. Nevertheless, now that you have fantasize your boss to be your lover, you need to strictly check out the following tips before it heats up.


1. Be Realistic:

The reality check is the very first rule to follow if you have a crush on your boss. First and foremost, you need to be confirmed with your feelings or chances are you might be confusing approbation of your boss’s skills with romantic feelings. Next, if your feelings are genuinely romantic and it is more than a mentor-mentee relationship then ensure that the feelings are mutual. Some people visualize so much about having a relationship with a superior that it starts to appear real, although the boss has no interest in romance. If the attraction is really mutual and if neither of you is married, the subsequent rule is to talk to your boss about the potential consequences of becoming a couple.

2. Think About it and Talk About it:

If your crush turns into a relationship then it is very vital to discuss the pros and cons with your partner and examine whether you are a viable couple and could work collectively in a long term relationship. When your career is on the block this is even more imperative so talk all about your feelings, your concerns and how to tackle troubles together. Simultaneously, think and analyze your relationship with your boss and if needed, are you really prepared to give up your job for it? Guarantee that you really are fascinated to the person and not just attracted to the position.

3. Create a Plan:

Dr. Lisa Mainiero, the writer of ‘Office Romance: Love, Power and Sex in the Workplace’, recommends you to initiate a plan before the relationship heats up. She emphasizes on deciding in advance as to who will and will not know about your relationship. Next, she even insists on planning the very important question: “How will you behave if the bond does not work?” Would it be better for one of you to be relocated to a different division? Many of the people agree with this policy. “If you are going to engage in any subordinate to a boss type of relationship, have a plan, even if it means shifting to another department or finding another job.

4. Be Subtle:

A relationship with your boss is sure to raise many eyebrows. Don’t be surprised if you get all those grins or sense of frustration from your fellow colleagues. It will surely upset many of your colleagues particularly if they are of the opinion that you are getting preferential treatment. So,  during those office chat if people gossip or back bite about the boss, keep your calm and go with the flow instead of proving them to be wrong. Nevertheless, if you proceed with this relation, ensure that you will always try to keep your relationship under the radar.

5. Practice Discretion:

If you both make your mind to give it a try, be discreet and very cautious. That certainly means no PDAs (Public Display of Affection) at all during work hours. No touching, flirting, gazing into each others eyes, sending sexy emails or text messages and most significantly no private jokes. While at work, make sure that you do nothing but work. After office hours, socialize only in places where no one else from your corporation can see you two together.

Dating a boss is surely a risky business but risk either can be the first step towards “Shit happens” or “Good Luck”. Both ways, there is surely no harm in taking a chance – All the best!

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